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Ricky Cradle, Firefighter
Los Angeles, California

When the professionals use a product for their own personal emergencies you know it is a good product.

California Firefighter Ricky Cradle shares a recent experience of an accident that happened at his home while celebrating a special occasion. Some of his guests included other Firefighters and EMS colleagues.

Listen to what happened:

A New Age in Hemostatic Results

The Qwick-AID® Multi-Use Hemostatic Bandage is an all-natural composite textile. Its patented technology has many effective medical applications from trauma to dentistry and post-operative wounds, including plastic surgery.

Qwick-AID’s primary use is for hemostatic applications, halting capillary and vascular bleeding in seconds, with additional benefits for extended wound management. The unique, specially formulated first layer assures good hemostatic effect while the second layer evacuates discharge from the wound.


You’re either prepared or you’re not.

It’s that simple.

  • All Natural Sterile Bandage
  • Will Not Stick to the Wound
  • No Thermogenic Reaction
  • No Dermal Side Effects/Hypo-Allergenic
  • Maintains Air Permeability

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Harold Coons, M.D.,

Product Features

  • Unique combination of natural therapeutic ingredients in an all-natural composite textile
  • Maintains air permeability, will not stick to a wound or create a hothouse effect
  • Assures good hemostatic effect while maintaining the stability of the bandage due to patented textile composition
  • Convenient size for treating trauma related and post operative wounds of all types
  • The most clinically diverse and cost effective dressing on the market today