Medical Overview

A Hemostatic Dressing

  • Halts capillary/vascular bleeding
  • Highly efficient in hemostasis in venous hemorrhage from small and medium veins
  • Recommended for use in trauma and parenchymatous hemorrhage

For Slow Healing Wounds

  • No occurrence of allergic reaction or local irritation
  • Did not stick to the wound and removed without pain
  • Allowed patients to undergo treatment in an outpatient basis with no dermal side effects


  •    Hospitals
  •    Ambulances - EMS
  •    Military Services
  •    Law Enforcement
  •    Nursing Homes
  •    Plastic Surgery
  •    Dental Surgery
  •    All First-Aid Kits


  •    100% Natural
  •    Safe & easy to use
  •    No Pain with application
  •    No Dermal Side Effects
  •    Removes exudate
  •    Cost effective with dual applications

Independent Clinical Test Footage

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