About Us

Since the company’s inception with an experienced team our research and development has produced a product line, focusing on the need for a superior product to arrest vascular bleeding. As a result we launched an all-natural hemostatic bandage to great success.

Qwick-AID® has been used in difficult and infectious field environments, Haiti being an example during the 2010 7.0 earthquake. A number of Clinicians found it to be beneficial in stopping bleeding and speeding the healing process.

The performance of Qwick-AID® captured the attention of the World Famous Boxing, MMA and UFC Cutman, Jacob “Stitch” Duran. He has used Qwick-AID® Sports Bandages in the most critical career making situations, in the ring with less than one minute to make a difference in a fighter’s life with 100% success.

Safety and performance being the core goals we built a brand consistently delivering exceptional results, with medical, sports and animal applications.


“In collaboration with long-time colleagues and a passion for saving lives, we have developed breakthrough technology allowing us to build a bandage brand consistently delivering exceptional results, products our customers can count on.

Our mission is to set the highest standards, having a commitment to total quality, performance and value; far surpassing anything on the market today.”

-Linda Eastwood, CEO

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