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Hemostatic Bandages

  • The Qwick-AID® Multi-Use Hemostatic Bandage is an all-natural composite textile. Its patented technology has many effective medical applications from treating trauma to post-operative wounds.
  • Qwick-AID® Bandages do not stick to wounds, will not create a hothouse effect, and only require re-moisturization with water to be an effective dressing for up to 3 days. They are the most clinically and cost effective bandage on the market today.
  • Qwick-AID® has been used in Haiti in a difficult and infectious field environment. A number of Clinicians found it to be beneficial in stopping bleeding and speeding the healing process.


“I have performed due diligence on this product and feel very comfortable recommending it to my colleagues in trauma, hematology and wound management. In wound management I’ve found it is simpler, quicker and more convenient for our patients.”
-James M. Sinclair, M.D.

“In my experience, the Qwick-AID® hemostatic bandage performs as claimed facilitating hemostasis, healing and decreasing the likelihood of infection.” -Harold Coons, M.D., FACR, FSIR

The unique formulated ALL NATURAL textile structure protects the stability of the material, preventing fibers from falling into the wound. Its function is a mechanical barrier forming a matrix for clot formation.

Gel Side - Towards Wound Cotton Side - Away from Wound

For Bleeding:

  • Apply gel/dark side to open wound
  • Apply gentle pressure
  • Bleeding stops 30 – 45 seconds

Extended Wound Management:

  • Apply gel/dark side to open wound
  • Tape perimeters
  • Spray to dampen center
  • May be left on for up to 3 days
  • Air permeable – No hothouse effect

Why it is different:

✓ All‐ Natural proprietary components
✓ Hemostasis develops within the first minute in 100% of the cases
✓ No Thermogenic Reaction – No Heat Generated
✓ Effective for those on anticoagulants Coumadin, Heparin & Warfarin
✓ Stand alone or in combination with other ointments or salves
✓ Dual application, hemostatic along with wound management
✓ No dermal side effects, Hypoallergenic. Poses no danger to patient

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